As a Cru ministry, we trace the roots of our mission and vision to Dr. Bill Bright’s call in 1951 to share the gospel with every student on college campuses. Since then, the demographics of college campuses in America grew more ethnically and culturally diverse and complex, as did the need for safe and encouraging spaces for people to experience God’s love and message.


Many individuals throughout the latter half of the twentieth century felt compelled by the Lord to help meet these needs especially in the outreach to 1 million plus Asian American students. Through their trust in the Lord and dedication to sharing the gospel with every student, in 2007, what consisted of a mix of devoted individuals and committed groups of students in NYC, Texas, and California came together to form the National Epic Movement when God called Tommy Dyo to be the first National Director of Epic Movement.

Our deep commitments to bringing the gospel to and through Asian American students and staff continues more than ten years later, as we continue to send missions groups overseas, into city-centers, and amongst underrepresented communities and people groups.

Special thanks to the following individuals and groups for building our foundations (in alphabetical order by last name):

  • Jackie Bland
  • Dennis and Carita Chen
  • Tommy Dyo (First National Director of Epic Movement)
  • Tom Fritz
  • Stan Inouye
  • Eric and Lucy Kaneshiro
  • Darrin and Vivian Mabuni
  • John and Sandy Mackin
  • Mark Ogden
  • Mark Oh
  • Henry Tan
  • Brent and Leila Wong
  • Keith Young
  • Margaret Yu (Current National Director of Epic)