Collaborative Discipleship


Collaborative Discipleship Pathways

Pathways suggest which lessons to begin with. Each pathway orders the first 15 lesson topics. You can choose which pathway is the best one for your discipleship group. You can also create a custom pathway. After you’ve finished the first 15 lessons, your group can decide which of the remaining lessons will address your group’s unique needs.

You can decide how quickly you will move along, though you should be able to make it through about ten lessons per semester. Remember also to create space for immersive experiences and to allow time off for holidays and school breaks.

Essentials Pathway: This pathway is organized to help new or young believers become grounded in their faith before preparing to start their own discipleship groups.

Standard Pathway: This pathway is organized to equip believers who are already grounded in their faith. This pathway will greatly reduce the time between when someone starts the discipleship process and when they can begin to disciple others.

Multiplier’s Pathway: This pathway is organized to equip mature believers to immediately begin the process of starting their own discipleship groups.

Movement Launching Pathway: This pathway is organized to equip mature believers who want to launch Christian movements on new campuses. This pathway starts with an emphasis on evangelism.

Create a Custom Pathway: This interactive PDF visually lays out lesson topics and immersive experiences. It can be printed and used to determine the lesson order.

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