1-Year Full-Time Internships

Headquarters Internships

Use your major at the world headquarters of Cru

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With thousands of employees globally, Cru is more than campus missionaries. We employ a variety of people who help accelerate the gospel to the world through their talents, skills, and abilities.

  • Finance: accountants, financial analysis, auditing, accounts payable, customer service.
  • Technology: software development, web design & development, UX/UI, data science, information technology.
  • Communications: writers, marketing, fund development, social media, graphic design, videography.
  • Human resources. 
  • Conference and event planing & production. 
  • Business analysis.

Cru's work culture focuses on more than "getting the job done." While working at a Cru office, you are cared for and developed in your walk with God.

Experience professional growth and hone your skills as you work on national projects alongside experienced individuals who can help develop your talents. Participate in life changing community, living and working with your team.

You'll spend one day each week on personal and spiritual development, through training and one-on-one coaching. You'll also have the opportunity to spend time each week involved in a local Cru ministry.

This one-year program places recent college graduates into operational positions that corresponds to their areas of study, skills, and specific gifts.

Through these vital roles, you will contribute to advancing the strategic and operational capabilities of our ministry and be a part of reaching people with the gospel on a global scale.

Not sure if serving in an office role is for you? Join us for our Professional Internship Preview Weekend and learning about the various offices roles at our Headquarters and Campus Ministry geographic offices.

If you have any question please email: hqinternship@cru.org.

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