U.S. Internships – How to Apply

  1. Read all the FAQ's about Internships first.
  2. You will need 4 people to complete reference forms for you.
    • A Cru staff member
    • Your current discipler or someone who knows you well in ministry
    • Your roommate or a friend who knows you well
    • Another friend who knows you well
    • A reference cannot be a relative or your spouse. If there aren’t Cru staff members on your campus, include those you’ve interacted with the most in ministry or work. If you are not involved with a Cru ministry, choose the person/people to whom you are most accountable spiritually (e.g. discipler, Bible study leader, pastor, etc.).
  3. Tell your references they will be receiving an email from Cru with a link to the form they need to submit for you.
  4. Use the Apply Now link and fill out your application completely. Our liaisons will connect with you to assist you through the application and evaluation process.
  5. You will be assigned to attend a training where you will learn how to raise the funds and prayer support for your internship.

Please note: March 1 is the deadline for submitting completed campus ministry and most other ministry internship applications. Some other ministry internships have alternate deadlines, so please check the information for each specific internship.

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