Bringing hope and resources to the military worldwide.

Year Founded: 1964
Ministry Presence: 25 countries worldwide

PTSD: What Is Happening With My Daddy?

What happens to a child when a dad comes home from war with post-traumatic stress disorder?

Advice for Military Dads

It was easier carrying out my duties on the job than it was being a good father to my two children.

Chaplain Passes Ranger School at 40

A U.S. Army Chaplain learns some spiritual lessons during Ranger School.

What not to say to a veteran

Some questions or comments are better left unsaid. Here’s what to say instead.

What to put in a military care package

The biggest gift in a care package is the knowledge that you cared enough to send one.

A resource for all military kids

The issues facing military kids are unique. This can help keep them grounded while their parent is deployed.

The logic of why we suffer

What kind of reasonable answers can be given to apply balm to breaking hearts? They can’t heal broken hearts, but they can help restore the foundations from which we all find hope.

She came for the food

How a home-cooked meal led to one military woman’s salvation.

Honoring our Soldiers

How do we honor our veterans in a meaningful way this holiday and throughout the year?

Looking for Centurions

On May 30, 2014, the leadership of Cru Military was formally transferred from Jeff Oster to Joe Ludwikowski. At the ceremony, Joe described the legacy of the faith of the centurion.

Remember the fallen, remember to pray

This Memorial Day, as you remember those who have given their lives for our country, please pray for Cru Military.

Wounds of War

A decorated Army Ranger faces his toughest battle after serving his country.

Young Army Ranger Leaves Life in Father's Hands

Intense night of combat in Somalia pushes soldier to choose between fear and peace.

Becoming a Man of Courage: One Marine’s Story

From San Diego to Gettysburg, a young Christian listens carefully to hear God's call.

Decorated Army Chaplain Serves Alongside Battalion

Black Hawk Down incident revealed more to one Army Ranger than he expected.

Retired Couple on the Front Lines for Military Marriages

Couple drills military families in the skills they need to battle for their marriages

Faith on the Front Lines with the Army Green Berets

Although being with his soldiers at life's most perilous moments is part of his job, Chaplain Zell is also a counselor to the men day to day, helping them with their relational and spiritual needs.

Faith in God Sustains Deployed Pilot

Coping with dangerous conditions and separation from loved ones made possible with God for pilot in Iraq.

Rapid Deployment Kits Serve as Spiritual Care Packages

The Military Ministry of Cru is reaching troops around the world by sending Rapid Deployment Kits to military bases and battlefields

American Combat Veterans Need You

One of the greatest challenges soldiers and their spouses are facing is Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Learn how your church can care for military families in crisis.


Valor is the Cru ministry for college and high school ROTC cadets and midshipmen, veterans on college campuses, and cadets at foreign military service academies.

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