Jesus said, “If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples.” – John 8:31.

A Christian disciple follows Jesus, becoming more and more like Him through a life of faith and obedience.

If you choose to follow Christ as a committed disciple, you may end up influencing the lives of many. Grow as a disciple who makes other disciples to make Jesus known everywhere.

Collaborative Discipleship

What if discipleship was a community of believers who helped each other grow in their faith and fruitfulness? What if discipleship lessons were so transferable anyone could teach them with confidence? What if new disciples were quickly able to disciple others? A collaborative approach to discipleship can make this a reality.

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Want to Start Discipling But Don’t Know How?

In the same way that Jesus called his disciples 2,000 years ago and made his primary objective clear, we need to make our objective clear when we begin to disciple another person.

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The Right Reasons for Discipleship

While we like to worship and have fellowship, at Cru we are about evangelism and discipleship. Here are three reasons why.

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What to Look For in a Potential Disciple

What was Jesus looking for? What was the job description he had in mind when he chose the men who would be the primary front runners of the gospel and church age?

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The Right People for Discipleship

Who should I disciple? Who should I invest my life in? The reality is that you can’t disciple everyone. Jesus didn’t disciple everybody, and neither can we, so we need to choose wisely.

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The Right Components of Discipleship

What makes for quality discipleship? What are the things within a discipleship relationship that produce real growth and make for an enjoyable, satisfying discipleship experience? Here are three components of quality discipleship.

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The Right Content for Discipleship

As you begin to disciple someone, what is it you want to pass on? What do you want to teach them? To know where you’re taking somebody requires some forethought.

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What to Teach Your Disciple

Whether you do dinner every Tuesday night, coffee on Monday afternoons, or lunch at the office, make time to meet with another for discipleship. You never know how the investment you make now can have a big impact later.

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Addressing Your Disciple’s Problems

As much as discipling another person is a thrill there will be times when it is really difficult as well. Two issues to keep in mind to avoid speed bumps in your discipleship journey: commitment to the relationship and issues that need to be addressed.

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There are different stages of faith and discipleship. For each stage, examine the ways you can encourage someone to take the next step towards becoming a lifelong follower of Christ and a multiplying disciple.

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Adult Discipleship Resources

Learn strategies and find helpful tools for implementing discipleship in the city and community to build multiplying spiritual leaders.

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How a Chain of Eight Disciples Grew in 30 Years

Marty's decision to follow Christ would not only radically change his life, but begin a 30-year chain that would unite others in the brotherhood of Christ.

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Do You Disciple?

Two Cru staff members share their advice on discipleship, a commonly used term yet vaguely understood subject.



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Design for Discipleship

This article provides an overview, a definition, and a biblical study of what it means to be a disciple and what Jesus meant when he sent us to make disciples.

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For the Love of a Disciple

1 Thessalonians presents Paul’s defense of the sincerity of his love, and at the same time provides one of the best outlines found in scripture of the heart, motivation and activities involved in discipleship.

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5 Basics of a Discipleship Time

When you meet with a disciple, show up with a plan. Think through these five elements of a discipleship appointment to help you be intentional about your time together.

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6 Things To Know If You Want To Make Disciples

Tariku Fufa is helping make Christ-centered disciples in 24 African countries. He credits these 6 principles with why he’s seen so many multiply.

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Want to Make Disciples? Simplify Your Playbook

A ministry to athletes in Minnesota saw spectators become leaders, thanks to the playbook they learned from Jesus.

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