Donor Relations

Why Cru Staff Members Raise Support

Why do staff members raise support instead of Cru raising it for them?

In Cru’s early days as a small organization, the president raised the money for Cru. As the size of ministry increased, it was more effective for each staff member to raise funds for the ministry from the circle of people they knew. Today, as a global organization and one of the largest mission agencies, this approach to fundraising (each staff member is responsible for raising funds for Cru) continues to be the most effective approach for building the funding for the global ministry.

How are salaries determined for each staff member?

Cru has adopted a salary plan that defines the criteria used to set the compensation for our missionary staff. The plan is under the jurisdiction of a Management Compensation Committee and is reviewed on a regular basis by the Cru Board of Directors Compensation Committee.

When should I begin to send in contributions to Cru?

All staff members must complete New Staff Orientation. Upon completion, they are eligible for Cru’s payroll. We encourage ministry partners to begin their giving to Cru as soon as they are able. Cru uses those contributions to help cover the salaries, ministry (business) expenses and health benefits for our staff members.

How long am I expected to give to Cru?

Many ministry partners made a long term prayer and financial commitment to Cru. That has enabled us to build ministries in most countries around the world and move toward our vision to build movements everywhere so that everyone knows someone who truly follows Jesus. How long a partner gives to Cru is a decision between the ministry partner and the Lord.

Why do I need to make my check out to Cru?

Cru is a public charity under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Contributions to Cru are tax deductible.

Does Cru honor my preferences for my contributions to be used for the ministry of a staff member or another of Cru’s ministries?

We seek to honor the preferences of our ministry partners for where they would like their contributions to be used. All contributions raised by Cru missionary staff are received with the understanding that Cru has complete discretion and control over the use of the donated funds. If for some reason we are not able to honor the preference of a ministry partner, we will direct the gift to another similar Cru ministry.

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