Part Time Staff Members

Part Time Staff Application Process

Applying to be a part time missionary with Cru is a multi-step process. First you will need to identify the Cru ministry and position that you want to apply for. In the case of many of our ministries, the first step may be to complete an Interest Form to help our ministry personnel connect with you in a personal way, to help you experience and begin some relationships with our current staff members.

Who can apply?
At this time, only US citizens or those who already have the right to work in the US or students studying at US schools and universities may apply through

Once you have identified the ministry and position you are applying to, start an application online. Our online application is very robust, and will take you a couple hours to complete. You will be able to login and start, save your work and come back later to finish if needed.

Our applicant liaisons will connect with you once you begin your application and assist you in confirming the ministry and position you are applying for. They will also help determine the sequence of training you will need to complete if accepted. One of our staff will connect with you to arrange a phone appointment to go over your application. After the phone interview a decision will be made on your application.

Start Your Application

Accepted applicants will proceed to their assigned Launch Training Weekend and then developing their financial support to serve as part time missionaries.

Application Deadlines

Applications must be completed and submitted with all the references complete by March 1st for positions that will start in the fall. Most applicants will do their Launch Training Weekend in April, then develop their financial support to be able to start missionary work in September.

Additional Training Weekends are available in mid-January and early September, and there may be other alternative training venues. Deadlines for applications will vary depending on the ministry and position for which you are applying.

Apply Now

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