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Cru® Staff Opportunities

Join our team! You can apply today to join Cru Inner City staff. We have more traditional Hourly/Salaried Positions and Missionary Staff Positions. We are looking for part-time or full-time on multiple city teams and on our national team.

Like all of Cru, our staff are committed to sharing the gospel and making disciples. We do so through mutual partnerships with churches, pastors, and lay leaders who have a heart to care for the poor. Most of our positions are a mix of hands-on, urban ministry and behind-the-scenes, administrative support roles. We are looking for servants who are eager to grow in their faith, learn new skills and contribute to a healthy team.

Hourly/Salaried Positions

More traditional hourly and salaried staff positions are hired and serve according to the Federal Labor and Standards Act (FLSA), similar to secular jobs. Hires serve alongside Missionary Staff to develop their spiritual and professional life to accomplish the strategic mission of Cru Inner City.

Please note that some of these roles involve raising financial support for salary and/or ministry expenses.

Inner City Staff CircleMissionary Staff Positions

9 out of 10 staff who serve with Cru are Missionary Staff who raise financial support for 100% of their salary and ministry expenses. We are members of a Religious Missionary Order and operate outside of the FLSA.

For more information, email Brad Harry.

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