Your guide to every resource you need for this Easter Holiday!

6 Creative Ways to Experience Easter

Easter is April 4. Here are six ideas for you to use and invite others to experience the love of Christ in creative ways this Easter.

Who is Looking Forward to the Monday After Easter?

We prepare our hearts in anticipation of Easter. We reflect on the cross and its significance. We feel the long, heavy pause between Good Friday and Easter Sunday — waiting for the discovery of an empty grave and a risen Savior. And then it comes. He comes! And then it’s Monday.

How to Use Chalk to Share The Gospel While Social Distancing

This year will look a little different. Use your mission field, your neighborhood, to share the gospel in a fun way through sidewalk chalk.

10 Ways to Make the Most of Easter at Home

Staying at home this Easter? Here are 10 exciting things to do with your roommates or family to fill up your Easter celebration with fun!
Experiencing Easter Through Your 5 Senses

Experiencing Easter Through Your 5 Senses

How do we make the Easter message relevant without diluting it? Try these refreshing ideas incorporating all 5 senses. 

10 Easter Outreach Ideas

10 Easter Outreach Ideas

Here are 10 outreach ideas for you to use this Easter from staff members of Cru.


Jesus Film Project: My Last Day

Bible Project - "Messiah"

Bible Project - "Gospel of the Kingdom"

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