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West Coast

California Polytechnic State University - San Luis Obispo (Cal Poly SLO)

Michael Golahi michael.golahi@epicmovement.com

Nathania Fuad nathania.fuad@epicmovement.com

Mikaela Serafin mikaela.serafin@cru.org


California Polytechnic State University - Pomona (Cal Poly Pomona)  

Joe Smith joseph.smith@cru.org


California State University - Fullerton (CSU Fullerton)

Gabe Fances gabe.fances@gmail.com


California State University - Los Angeles (CSULA)

Raymond Gao raymond.gao@cru.org


California State University - Sacramento (Sac State)

Jeff Clay jeff.clay@cru.org


California State University - San Francisco (SF State)

Lydia Yee lydia.yee@epicmovement.com


California State University - San Jose (San Jose State)

Jerry Wong jerry.wong@epicmovement.com


Chapman University

Jill Swenson jill.swenson@epicmovement.com


Mt. San Antonio College (Mt. Sac)

Landon Meyers fanoflandon10@yahoo.com


Portland State University (Portland State)

Jessica Arita jessica.arita@epicmovement.com


University of Utah

Mariko Azuma marikoazuma11@gmail.com

Andrew Meyer drew.meyer@cru.org


University of Arizona

Chris Ghubril chris.ghubril@cru.org

Emily West emily.west@cru.org

Zach Yee zachary.yee@epicmovement.com


University of California - Davis

Jeremiah Kepner jeremiah.kepner@cru.org


University of California - Irvine

Joe Smith joseph.smith@epicmovement.com


University of California - Santa Barbara

Jordan Marshall jordan.marshall@cru.org

Christina Marshall christina.marshall@cru.org


University of Hawaii - Manoa

Cristina Cabansagan cristina.cabansagan@cru.org


University of Oregon - Eugene

Tiffany Dinh tiffany.dinh@cru.org

Robert Hamm rob.hamm@cru.org


University of Southern California

Raymond Gao raymond.gao@epicmovement.com

Jennifer Suh jennifer.suh@cru.org

Jorgie Wu jorgie.wu@cru.org


Washington State University

Garrett Light garrett.light@cru.org




Case Western Reserve University (Case Western)

Brian Metzer brian.metzer@cru.org

Hung Lu hung.lu@cru.org


Century College

Ryan Carlson ryan.carlson@cru.org

Angela Cooksey angela.cooksey@cru.org


Indiana University Bloomington

Mark Johnson mark.johnson@cru.org


North Hennepin Community College

Ryan Carlson ryan.carlson@cru.org


Northwestern University

Nicholas Castelluccio nick.castelluccio@athletesinaction.org


St. Paul College --MN

Ryan Carlson ryan.carlson@cru.org


Texas A&M University

Matthew Han matthew.han@epicmovement.com


University of Texas - Dallas

Ti Le ti.le@epicmovement.com


University of Minnesota - Twin Cities

Nathaniel Broughton Nathaniel.Broughton@cru.org

Angela Cooksey angela.cooksey@cru.org


University of Texas - Austin

Matthew Han matthew.han@epicmovement.com

Linda Le linda.le@epicmovement.com


University of Texas - San Antonio

Matthew Han matt.han@cru.org


University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point

Erick Hormann erick.horrmann@cru.org


East Coast


City University of New York Queens College (Queens College)

Jayson Choe jayson.choe@epicmovement.com

Christine Tsai christine.tsai@epicmovement.com

City University of New York The City College (City College)

Jeffrey Chan jeffrey.chan@epicmovement.com


Columbia University

Regina Pei-Chan regina.chan@epicmovement.com

Jessica Choe jessica.choe@epicmovement.com


George Mason University (GMU)

Daphne Kim daphne.Kim@cru.org


Penn State at University Park

John Mackin john.mackin@cru.org


Rutgers the State University of New Jersey New Brunswick Campus

Thomas Waters Tommy.Waters@cru.org

Nathan Liu nathan.liu@cru.org


Simmons College

Mary Ying mary.ying@cru.org

Renee Buck  renee.buck@cru.org


University at Buffalo-SUNY

John Mansfield john.mansfield@epicmovement.com


University of Connecticut

Scott Thomson scott.thomson@cru.org


University of Maryland, College Park

Tony Wee tony.wee@epicmovement.com

Don't see a movement near you?

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