Missionary Staff

What is the Application Process?

Applying to be a full time missionary with Cru is a multi-step process. Your first step will be to identify the Cru ministry and position that you want to apply for. For many of our ministries, you'll need to complete an Interest Form.

Who can apply?
At this time, only U.S. citizens or those who already have the right to work in the U.S. or students studying at U.S. schools and universities may apply through Cru.org.

How to Apply

Once you have identified the ministry you are applying to, start an application online. Plan to spend several hours on this step. You'll be asked to create a login, so you're able to save your work and complete the application in several sessions.

Our applicant liaisons will connect with you once you begin, and assist you in confirming the ministry and position you are applying for. They will also help determine the sequence of training you will need to complete if accepted. Once your application is summited, we'll set up a phone call to go over your answers. Following the phone call, you can expect to receive a final decision.

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Application Next Steps


Accepted applicants will attend their assigned New Staff Orientation, start Institute of Biblical Studies and begin developing their financial support to serve as missionaries.

Application Deadlines

Applications must be completed and submitted with all references complete by the following dates in order to be cleared to attend the following New Staff Orientation conferences:

  • Winter NSO+IBS: October 15.
  • Spring NSO: February 1.
  • Summer NSO+IBS: April 1 (March 1 for international assignments).
  • Fall NSO: May 15 (May 1 for international assignments).






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