Our Mission, Vision, and Values

Our Mission

Win, build, and send Asian American students and faculty to reach the world for Christ.

WIN: We aim to spread the good news of Jesus Christ through evangelism, in ways that honor people’s contexts.  We are building Asian American students & faculty into “leaders in evangelism for a lifetime,” who take initiative and influence others.

BUILD: We aim to build disciples who are growing in Christ and in their cultural identity, and developing as leaders in skills (such as biblical literacy), character, and capacity.  Our movements are made up of multiplying disciples – students who are taking the initiative in evangelism and discipleship, and training others to do the same. Throughout all of this, we are intentional to reproduce leadership as expressed in the Nine Elements of Leadership Reproduction.

SEND: We aim to develop mission-minded followers of Christ, who are 100% surrendered to God’s calling.  That means having the capacity to be on mission in secular as well as sacred vocations & contexts, and the vision to join God’s work around the world.  We aim to develop Asian American students & faculty into people who see themselves as “called” and “sent” 100% of the time, and are engaged in God’s work of “sending” other people throughout the world.

Our Vision

Asian American movements mobilized to take their place in God’s redemptive mission.

Epic Movement is a ministry that envisions Asian American students and faculty transformed by their relationship with Jesus Christ, embracing the value of their cultures and actively engaging in God’s redemptive work in ways that honor all people and contexts. Being an “Asian American” movement doesn’t mean that everyone in our movements is Asian American; rather Epic affirms Asian American cultural values as they manifest in relationships, identity formation, leadership and ministry. We believe that as we all experience the fullness of our cultural identity intersecting the redemption found in Christ, we will be a significant sending base to a racially-fragmented world. Coming together with lives fully surrendered, we can fulfill our call to build bridges to cultures and conversations that might otherwise be inaccessible and unspoken.

Our Values

Epic Movement is a Cru ministry, and shares in its Statement of Faith and mission to join God’s work of transforming lives of students and faculty, so that their hearts and lives are given to Jesus Christ. As an ethnic focused ministry, Epic specifically focuses its resources, thinking, and training on transformation and mission among Asian Americans.

Read our Statement of Faith below: