Leader Development

How to Be a Selfless and Spiritual Leader

A short interview with Andrea Buczynski, Vice President of Global Leadership Development of Cru. We’ll be discussing what it means to be a selfless, spiritual leader.

Making Vision Stick

Bob Fuhs gives a seminar on casting vision and making it stick.

Part 3: Develop Multiplying Leaders

The third in a 4-week series that answers, "How Can We Change Our World?" by illustrating each answer with stories and statistics from 2007. We need to develop people who think beyond themselves: leaders with an eye to tomorrow, who see to it that someone else begins to lead.

Makings of a Leader

Andrea Buczynki, Cru’s Vice President for Global Leadership and Development, provides an explanation and overview of the roles and responsibilities of a leader that are the foundation of our ministry’s leadership model.

Senior Leadership Initiative (SLI)

SLI is a Leadership Development program that provides coaching, feedback, and stretch experiences in order to create real growth in participants’ lives.

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