Oneness in Diversity


Cru exists to glorify God by helping fulfill the Great Commission through sharing Jesus, building people in their faith and sending them on mission in the power of the Holy Spirit and partnering with the body of Christ in evangelism and discipleship. 

As we pursue this mission, we do so with Scripture as our anchor and North Star. Our Statement of Faith affirms the Bible is “God’s infallible written Word,” and Scripture is “the supreme and final authority in all matters on which it speaks.” Our work is guided by our belief in and commitment to the Scriptures.

The documents below aim to provide a biblical and theological framework for Cru’s approach to questions surrounding areas of cultural diversity. Four biblical themes shape our vision: (1) God created humanity in his image with great dignity and worth; (2) humanity has rebelled against God and is alienated from God and one another; (3) Jesus Christ died and rose to gather a community of redeemed people from every tribe, language, people and nation to reflect God’s glory in the world; and (4) Christ has called that community to proclaim this good news and make disciples of every nation.



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