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Striving to see Christ-followers on every team, in every sport and in every nation

Ministry Presence: 97 countries and in the USA, 35 U.S. professional sports team and 205 campuses

A Gonzaga Coach’s Long Journey to the Final Four

The amazing true story of how Cru helped Gonzaga reach the National Championship game.

How To Play Like No One’s Watching

A group of NFL players are making Christ famous through their footwear.

Gymnast hopes to head to Rio: ‘I don’t fear the future anymore’

Laurie Hernandez is a 16-year-old hoping to make the US Olympic women's gymnastics team. She has disciplined her mind, body and life toward Rio. But she has an even more important goal she wants to reach first - and it may surprise you!

Two Baseball Players Realize They Can’t Explain Their Faith

“If your teammates would come and ask you what does it take to be a Christian, what would you say to them?” They weren’t sure how to answer this question.

Thomas Davis Wins 2016 Bart Starr Award

The Carolina Panthers linebacker will receive the prestigious award at the Athletes in Action Super Bowl Breakfast.

When the seniors don't lead your team

Seniors are supposed to be the ones who create the culture for a team. One basketball team lacked that kind of leadership – and two underclassmen decided to do something about it.

Why did God create me like this?

For Paralympian Daniel Dias, asking God “why” was only the starting point to ask Him, “what for?”

How to be confident in your self-worth

Chanelle Price thought it was enough to go to church as a “thank you” to God. Then she realized her self-worth was becoming dependent on how she performed at track meets.

Why this runner’s community loves him

Wilson Kipsang started as a herdsman and is now an Olympic runner, but he looks to God for his greatest success.

Baseball player rejects his own hypocrisy

“I thought you were supposed to act like a good person. But really, I was still caught up in my old lifestyle.”

Does God care who wins?

I became motivated by temporary treasures, but remembered those achievements, records and awards do not last. That day I was reminded to train and compete as an act of worship while positively impacting those around me.

What are you doing with your life?

Are you finishing up college and finding yourself constantly being asked what’s next? Does that question send shivers down your spine and panic all through your body? What if I told you I know how to rid yourself of all that anxiety?

"I had doubts and was always questioning"

St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Adam Wainwright talks about how he came to know God personally.

Detroit Tigers Rajai Davis' Unlikely Path to MLB

“I wasn’t on the track that I wanted to be on, so I started reading the Bible.”

Behind the moment: US player Brad Davis at the World Cup

Brad Davis talks about the pressure and failures he’s faced as a world-class soccer player, and how God is guiding him through his struggles.

Kaká: “Without Jesus, I can’t do anything.”

Kaká’s faith has been his foundation as he rose to fame around the world.

Falcao: “It wasn’t about me and my desires anymore”

Colombian football player Falcao has learned to put his life in God’s hands.

Cameroon World Cup player: “We were sent with a divine destiny.”

Eyong Enoh talks about learning the Lord’s plan for his life.

Kevin Durant: Growing Spiritually

“I believe the best is yet to come.”

Padres catcher wants new season to honor God

Padres catcher Nick Hundley recovers from bad season, gets his faith back on track and now has God at the forefront of his life.

Refusing to pray on a mission trip

Travis Field, who had no interest in God, was asked by his father if he wanted to go on a basketball missions trip with AIA.

Seahawks’ Chris Maragos And The Downward Spiral That Led Him to Christ

The story of the Seattle Seahawks' Chris Maragos journey of brokenness and finding Christ.

Leader of the Pack

Aaron Rodgers is a leader in football and faith.

Wrestling a World Away

A young athlete learns to serve through sports.

35-Day Challenge

35 truths about how God sees you.

I Agree With Kirk

I agree with Kirk at Michigan State

Elana Meyers: “I’m in this sport to glorify God”

Olympic bobsledder Elana Meyers seeks to glorify God more than winning a medal.

My Story: Jake

Jake Fischer, linebacker at the University of Arizona, gets right with God.

Debbie Flood: “A Gold Medal is Temporary”

Debbie Flood joins her faith and sport as she competes in the Olympics.

Putting Faith First

Albert Pujols uses his success in baseball to reach out to others.

At the Super Bowl Breakfast

“My heart wasn’t there, but I didn’t want to disappoint my team.”

After the Win

Yale hockey player reflects on his relationship with God during his championship run

Soccer: Serving and Competing in South Africa: Part 1

Professional soccer players share the gospel with 500 people during an Athletes in Action trip.

Soccer: Serving and Competing in South Africa: Part 2

Athletes from different parts of the world find they have more in common than they thought.

Cru in the NFL

Barrett Jones, offensive guard for the St. Louis Rams, reflects on his involvement with Cru in college and how he has carried what he’s learned into the NFL.

Pre-cancer: Susie’s journey of doubt before a brain tumor

Susie’s professor helped get her to trust God’s word again just before she learned she had a malignant brain tumor.

Contact Athletes in Action

How to contact Athletes in Action, including their mailing address, phone number, e-mail address and hyperlinks for mission trips and career opportunities

The Breakfast That Changed Basketball Coach's Life

St John’s University assistant basketball coach Fred Quartlebaum remembers the Legends of the Hardwood Breakfast as one that changed his life.

2 NFL Chaplains: Spiritual Trainers for Professional Athletes and Coaches

Chaplains Doug Gilcrease of Tampa Bay (17 years with the Buccaneers) and George McGovern of New York (13 years with the Giants and Yankees) talk about being spiritual aides to professional football players

NFL Star Changed by Mission Trip

Steve Smith learns God can use him beyond his athletic status.

Basketball Coach Don Meyer Receives AIA Award

On Saturday, April 3, 2010, Meyer will be presented the 2010 John Wooden Keys to Life Award for his exceptional moral character, integrity and faith. The award is presented by Athletes in Action and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

AIA Honors Jim Tressel & Jennifer Johnson Jordan

Jim Tressel, head football coach of The Ohio State Buckeyes, and Jennifer Johnson Jordan, professional volleyball player and Olympian, inducted into the Athletes in Action Hall of Faith on Thursday, May 6, 2010 during 5th annual Night of Champions event.

Tim Howard Talks About Faith

How God used Tim's grandmother and Tourette's to move the famous soccer player to trust Jesus.

Tim Howard: The Goal Keeper

American Tim Howard plays for a British soccer team but hopes to join the Americans for the World Cup.

AIA Staff Member More Than a Fan

Asif Khaikh offers spiritual strength to South Florida football players

Laurie Hernandez Inspires at the Olympics

In a sport often determined by tenths of a point, Aly Raisman, Gabby Douglas, Laurie Hernandez, Madison Kocian and Simone Biles won the Women’s Gymnastics Team All-Around gold medal by more than 8 points – the largest margin of victory in Olympic gymnastics history.

Why Offer Mercy When Payback is Due?

Because of Christ’s work in his life, Wisconsin DB D’Cota Dixon responded to the egregious late hit committed against him in a most unexpected way.

From Gold Medals to Missions

Natasha and Michelle are taking another journey together. Neither one has been on a mission trip before, but it is something they have both wanted to do.

When Glorifying God Means Coming in Last Place

Abbey D’Agostino’s run in the 5000m is being lauded as one of the top sportsmanlike moments of the Olympic Games.

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