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Do You Teach Me How to Raise Support?

Cru is committed to equipping our staff members to be Christ-centered, fully-funded and financially faithful.


In Cru, we call raising support Ministry Partner Development (MPD), and we're known for providing some of the finest MPD training in missions.

Our 40+ hours of MPD training will cover a thorough Biblical understanding of God’s provision for those He has called to serve Him full-time, as well as hands-on practice using the skills and materials you'll need to successfully raise your support.

Once you are accepted to Cru staff, you'll be assigned an MPD coach. Your coach will provide help, feedback, encouragement and accountability throughout your full MPD process.

Why we raise support

MPD is about more than just raising money for your ministry. It's about mobilizing a team of ministry partners to be involved in the Great Commission through their prayers and generosity, and many staff build life-long friendships with their ministry partners.

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