LeaderImpact has a vision. We believe God puts leaders in positions of influence in all segments of society and in all the nations of the world to fulfill His purpose. 

We exist to encourage and empower these leaders to step into their God-given role as a transformational leader—to experience life to the full, not satisfied by status or success, but by stepping deeply into the call of God’s plan that was uniquely designed for them.

As these leaders join with others, integrate their faith into their home and work life and form a vision for their city, we believe that God will use us to transform our cities, nations, and ultimately the world for Christ. 

Why LeaderImpact?

Leaders make things happen. Leaders who are fully devoted followers of Christ have a special call.

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How Does LeaderImpact Work?

The core process of LeaderImpact is a simple one – Win, Build, Send 

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Who Is Involved With LeaderImpact?

The LeaderImpact strategy starts with mission-focused communities. 

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Read encouraging stories on how people are impacting their workplace through LeaderImpact. 

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What Do I Do Next?

These reasons for involvement, given by LeaderImpact members, will help you understand how you can make a significant contribution to this movement. 

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