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Tacos, Kites, and Late Nights

How to grow my faith at a secular college

College will be tons of fun, but it will also be a challenge for your faith. The choices you make about which campus groups to invest in and who to hang out with will largely determine what your spiritual growth looks like in college.

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Home Sweet Dorm

How to be a good roommate

Having a roommate in college is super different than sharing a room with a sibling at home.  You’ll share a relatively small space with a stranger who you know very little about.  How can you make it a good experience?

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5 Keys To Good Conversations

How to have good conversations on current issues

Controversial issues are all around us and conversations around sensitive topics come up all the time. Proverbs 15:1 tells us that “A soft answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger.” How can you engage in these challenging conversations with the light of the Gospel to bring peace and not more discord?

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3 Steps To Growth

How to grow spiritually at college

College is an exciting time! It can also be a time where you grow with God in ways you never have before. Here are 3 important principles that will greatly contribute to your spiritual growth in college.

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Hot Topics, Cool Hearts

Discussing controversial topics without getting into arguments

Have you ever found it hard to have tough conversations? In college you’ll meet people from diverse backgrounds with strong opinions. Inevitably, you will engage in discussions around hot topics. Be prepared. Here’s how.

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More Money, More Problems

How to handle money at college

You’re just starting to learn your new class schedule and find your way around campus, so why are finances important? We are stewards of God’s money. If you were to put your bank statement under an x-ray machine, what would it say about the condition of your heart?

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Roadtrips, Selfies, & Birthday Cake

How to build great friendships

What do you want to see and experience in college? You’ll have the opportunity there to make friendships that will last your entire life. Who will you share road trips with, take selfies with, and eat delicious birthday cake with over the next four years?

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Emily and Hannah's Freshman Year Adventure

How to make a successful transition to the new college environment

Congratulations! Soon you’ll be embarking on an exciting new chapter of life. What part of the college experience are you most looking forward to? Meet Emily and Hannah. Maybe you can relate to some of the things they viewed with excitement and concern as they headed off to college one year ago.

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0% Alcohol, 100% Jesus

How to handle conversations when hard topics come up

Parties and drinking are pretty common at college. By making the conscious decision to not engage in underage drinking, you will definitely stand out. How will you answer when someone asks you about it?

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Own it, Share it

How to make your faith your own

When you head to college, you might discover you hold beliefs about your faith that you haven’t ever examined on your own. When Shelley was in college, one particular guy on her dorm floor bombarded her with hard questions. Instead of throwing out her faith because she couldn’t answer those questions, Shelley used those unexamined beliefs as a launch pad to make her faith her own.

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How Aaron Found Real Relationships

How to experience deep relationships  

When Aaron started college, he expected to grow spiritually by going to church and joining a cool Bible study on campus. Through his involvement with Cru, he discovered that real growth happens through intentional relationships where people knew what was really going on inside of him.  

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