June 8-16, 2024

COST: $1950 + airfare


Millions of pilgrims walked this route over the last 1,000 years on a quest to know God better. The Camino is a "thin place," a physical location closer to the eternal realm than elsewhere. This journey allows for time away from the busyness of life as you connect with the Lord and new friends.

At La Fuente del Peregrino, Cru's pilgrim house, you'll experience how ministry with pilgrims happens today. These are unhurried days. We pair our walking with spiritual exercises and small-group interactions for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. You will find rest for your soul in Northern Spain.

"A mission trip for your soul"


Itinerary and Pricing


June 8 – Arrive in Santiago de Compostela by 2 pm, transfer to Sarria via bus

June 9 – Sarria to Portomarin (13.9 miles)

June 10 – Portomarin to Palas de Rei (15.2 miles)

June 11 – Palas de Rei to Melide (9.3 miles)

June 12 – Melide to Arzua (8.9 miles)

June 13 – Arzua to Rua (10.9 miles)

June 14 – Rua to Santiago de Compostela (12.7 miles)

June 15 – Finisterre bus tour

June 16 – Leave Santiago de Compostela at any time



$1950 per person. Price includes all housing (double occupancy—single room add $500), breakfasts and dinners, luggage transfer, transportation, pilgrim’s passport, Finisterre bus tour and some really cool swag. On the trail you will need money for lunches, snacks and souvenirs. Airfare not included.

$500 deposit required by February 1, 2024

Full payment due by April 1, 2024

Your Hosts

Dave Dawn Dishman


Dave and Dawn Dishman, staff with Cru for 38 years, are veterans of the Camino de Santiago. They will meet you in Santiago de Compostela and lead your tour. Both work with Cru Faculty Commons and have traveled extensively around the world, including five trips on the Camino de Santiago. Dawn is a trained spiritual director offering listening and guidance in spiritual disciplines on the Camino. Along with taking care of all the details, allowing you to relax and enjoy the journey, Dawn will care for your soul and Dave will make sure you don’t miss any meals.



Before you Go

From training to packing, here is everything you need to know about your trip before you leave.

Printable Info Here


When Walking With God Wrecks Your Feet by Rachel Ferchak - writer with Cru Storylines - 2017


I didn't know how much I needed to disengage before this trip.

Jennifer - 2023


The trip was so well planned and executed that my responsibilities were to vaseline my toes, follow the yellow arrow, and spend quality time with the Lord! No worries about food, shelter, schedules, time or work. I was thrilled by the impact of using all my senses to experience God through conversations, nature, history, quiet spaces and beautiful chapels.

Jim - 2023


I don’t have the space to share all the little ways God showed Himself throughout my trip. The resentment I carried around at home is now sitting at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Finisterre, Spain, where all bitterness in life belongs. I needed the experiences that went along with a trip like this: being inspired by other people’s journey of faith on the Camino, seeing how they see Jesus working in their lives and learning more about God’s plan for me.

Nicole - 2016 


Walking the Camino was physically, emotionally and spiritually rewarding. The blend of prayer-walking through the beautiful Spanish countryside and meeting with the Lord and others along with way, was a great opportunity. The Lord spoke to me in a very unique way on the Camino, helping me to understand a difficulty that I was experiencing, which continues to help me to this day. I would love to do the other 3 legs of the Camino, or return to do the same walk. Dave and Dawn were absolutely great leaders, and the entire experience was transformative!

Denis - 2017


Unlike so many others, walking the Camino was not on my “bucket list” I knew very little about its history and significance.  However, I am so grateful to have joined with my wife and the team. The trip was a wonderful combination of solitude and reflection, along with group discussion and encouragement. A mission trip for your soul.

Chuck - 2016 & 2021


If walking the Camino isn’t on your bucket list, it ought to be! It is an experience like no other. The beauty of the countryside and the bounty along the way (apple & pear trees, grape vines, etc.) spoke to me of God’s presence with us and provision for us as we journey through life. The conversations with others were deep and left me changed. Over the course of a week, strangers became friends. There was also space for silence and solitude that allowed me to open my “God-ears” and just enjoy being with Him. We stayed in nice hostels, ate delicious food and the miles went quickly. I hope I can go back someday soon.

Vickie - 2017


During the hours of walking, I listened to friends’ stories as I told them mine. We laughed, we wept, we prayed, we exhorted and we loved. The Camino is a metaphor for life as a whole. Above all, we focused on Jesus, who is the Way, the Truth and the Life. Jesus walks before us (He is the way), with us (to carry us) and behind us (to secure the way). He is the good shepherd, the righteous judge and the lover of our souls.

Matt - 2018


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