Ethnic Ministry Fund

Creating welcoming spaces for people from many different communities by supporting our staff and interns from diverse backgrounds 


Creating Spaces of Belonging

"Mariela, a student who struggled to find a church community last year, was able to connect with a church this past month. She, along with a friend, joined Destino in a college student luncheon after service one Sunday and has since been attending. To connect students to a local church community where they can be poured into further is such a blessing and I am excited to see what God can do in Mariela's life as her community of Christ followers grows!


Mariela invited her childhood friend to join her at our weekly meetings — This friend just came to Christ, and now has a community she can meet with and grow with in her personal relationship with God! Mariela and her friend will continue their meetings throughout the summer, as they conduct a Bible study using resources and skills developed through Destino."

—Natalie Ceja, Destino Ministry

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Mobilizing Diverse Leaders

The Ethnic Ministry Fund supports diverse leaders through financial, relational, and spiritual support in their ministry journey. Cru desires to be a ministry whose leaders reflect the diverse populations we are hoping to reach with the gospel, and is committed to mobilizing diverse leaders to serve on ministry teams both in the states, and overseas!

Creating Welcoming Spaces

The Ethnic Ministry Fund's mission is to create welcoming spaces for people from many different communities. Some of these contextualized spaces include Destino, Epic, Unto, Bridges International — where anyone from a diverse background can find a home and encounter the gospel! 

Planting New Movements

Many college campuses around the country still don't have a Christian movement on campus - so like current staff on the Central Florida Destino team, they get one started! This team dedicated the first week of February to finding leaders to help re-start their Destino movement, trusting God to lead them to people like Reynaldo. Reynaldo said, “Last week I heard a sermon about needing others in your walk with Jesus, and now here you are!” He is already excited to learn how to tell his friends about Jesus.




There are countless stories of the effects of diverse staff on the Kingdom - and how God is using them in the lives of others! Hear more stories and testimonies by signing up to receive our newsletter! 



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Want to play a part in mobilizing diverse leaders? Interested in getting missionaries from different backgrounds onto the mission field? Visit our give page to learn more about how you can bring the gospel to everyone!


"I see how Christ has been reaching out to me"

“When I came to the U.S. for college, I came to realize that I don’t know myself anymore. I wanted to change but I took the wrong way. I was scared to make new friends and talk with people...I was depressed but I didn’t know. Thanks to the people that didn’t let me go when I turned away. Looking back now, I can see how Christ has been reaching out to me. God wanted me to be with Him, I knew He would save me, and now I am going to get baptized. Praise God!”

This powerful statement comes from Eva, a graduate student all the way from East Asia! Eva got introduced to Bridges international this semester as an unbeliever and after multiple spiritual conversations, came to know the Lord within a week! She has been such a light to any student that may be questioning their faith." — Andrew Duran, Bridges International

"Lifting up unreached nations"

"During November, in Epic we had a week coined “Govember.” This week is focused on evangelism - and the heart of essentially going to all nations to make disciples - as mentioned in Matthew 28! As a team we got to recite Matthew 28 in our different languages, whether that was Vietnamese, Japanese, Mandarin, and English. We also spent time in prayer for unreached nations - Collectively as a Texas Epic movement, we got to lift up unreached nations and utilize the power of prayer and intercession!" — Julie Ferrera, Epic

"Celebrating our heritage and faith together"

"I have gotten the opportunity to meet so many Hispanic/Latino students here at OSU. I met a girl named Itzel and she happens to be from Mexico City (super exciting because I am from there, too). She is very strong in her faith which was super encouraging. We have started a small bible study that meets on Wednesday afternoons. We meet with 2 other girls whose families are also from Mexico and we get to talk about our life, our culture and our faith. God has been so sweet to allow me to meet students that have a similar cultural background and it is incredible to celebrate our heritage and faith together." — Renata Morfin

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