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“To serve the Lord is the goal and ambition of every faithful believer. Volunteering at Cru allows me to serve the Lord in a Christ-focused environment. To work with others serving the almighty God in a Spirit-filled environment is a blessing.” —Coleton Winston


“Volunteering has completely changed my life. While volunteering I was given many opportunities to go into different areas and help. While helping others, I found that they were helping me too. Volunteering has broadened my horizons and made me realize that I am able to do more things than I ever thought possible.” —Michelle Tantillo


“I have served at Cru headquarters for 9 years as a volunteer. My vision for world missions has been enlarged and I have found many opportunities to help with projects that spread the gospel to people here and abroad. Serving alongside staff members and other volunteers, those who reside in Orlando as well as many who come from other states, has been a blessing to me. I am so thankful God sent me here.” —Currin Ann Seely

image-geoff-beck“My time at Volunteer Services was a delightful, fun experience. Over the summer I worked with an amazing group who were friendly and made me feel at home even though it was my first time at Cru headquarters. They made me feel I was part of the family. The work was very satisfying, and the staff were very conscientious. All in all, it was a very good summer and I can't wait for another opportunity to do it again.” (Geoff was a 6-week summer volunteer and is a student at Cedarville University). —Geoff Beck

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