Sending Your Team

How God Can Use You

Equipping the church to build movements everywhere.

Part 4: Equip People to Be Self-Sustaining

The last in a 4-week series that answers, "How Can We Change Our World?" by illustrating each answer with stories and statistics from 2007. A movement comes to life when it’s able to generate its own leaders, ideas, strategies and funds, not depending on others for sustained growth.

Living Missionally

What does living missionally really mean? As a follower of Jesus you can be His ambassador in more ways than you may think.

What's Your Vision?

Part 1 of living missionally

How to Find a Team

Part 2 of living missionally

How Do We Get There?

Part 3 of living missionally

What Do You Need?

Part 4 of living missionally

Finding a Coach

Part 5 to living missionally

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