Our Commitment to Stewardship

Liquidation of Non-Cash Donations

As the ministry of Cru pursues the mandate to help fulfill the Great Commission in this generation, it believes that all available resources should be at work in the furtherance of this goal. Therefore, non-cash donations that it receives will generally be liquidated at the first available opportunity. Gifts of stocks, bonds, mutual funds and other securities will be sold immediately, often within 3 to 5 days. Gifts of real property approved by the Property Gift Committee (see Cru Property Gift Acceptance Guidelines) will be turned over to appropriate brokers/agents for sale to a qualified buyer. Exceptions may be made by senior leadership (President's Cabinet members), as deemed appropriate and consistent with our overall mission of the organization.

The ministry will not hold non-cash gifts long-term nor seek to “time the market,” but will liquidate them in a wise, thoughtful manner. Any and all resources necessary to the liquidation process will be marshaled to expedite the conversion of non-cash gifts to cash for ministry use(s) as designated by the donor. Questions regarding such procedures are welcome and may be directed to the ministry's stock administrator at (888)-CRU-7233 (278-7233) or (407) 826-2411 or to the Great Commission Foundation Property Gift Acceptance Committee at (800) 449-5454 or (407) 541-5102.

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