19-20  February


Through your eyes means that our stories are valuable and worthy in God’s sight. My story, the stories of my friends, and those who are vastly different from mine all have inherent dignity and worth. At Epic National conference, we want you to feel a sense of connection to your heritage and be moved to compassion and empathy for the pain, beauty, and joy of other people’s stories. Our hope is to see and empower Asian American students to take their unique place in God’s redemptive mission. Will you join us?


2021 Epic Conference - Josh Chen

Josh Chen

Cru City

Jimmy MgGee

President of the Impact Movement

Jinnie Yun

International Mission Director, Cru


Experiencing God's Abundance with Our Mind, Body and Breath

Danielle Anderson
Christ promises us abundant life, and when we step into that reality, knowing that love and compassion aren’t scarce resources, but abundant, we can set aside the habit of comparative suffering and move towards empathy and understanding. Join Danielle for this interactive workshop, combining theory and the practice of body techniques that can help us as we work to see ourselves and others through God’s lens of abundant love. (You're invited to wear comfortable clothes, have pillows or blankets accessible, and be in a place where you can move around.)

Call to be Peacemakers: Not an Option for the Christian

Dr. Luke Bobo
Dr. Bobo will share why we are reluctant to be peacemakers; and he will share why we should be peacemakers.

How to Talk About Jesus Without Seeming Like a Freak

Matt Mikalatos
What if there was a way to talk to family, friends, even strangers about Jesus that wouldn't leave you (or them) feeling awkard? In this seminar we'll talk about how to ask good questions, listen well, and talk about Jesus in a way that centers what's most interesting about Him to the person you're hanging with. You can make sure when someone walks away from a Jesus conversation with us they feel excited, interested, and cared for.

Loved in Translation

Kathy Khang
Moving through the world as a child of immigrant parents means holding multiple stories and multiple identities. Come learn about the unique beauty and struggle that comes out of this sacred place.

What Should I Know Before Seeing a Therapist?

Panel of Speakers
Listen to a panel of Epic staff talk about their personal experiences in therapy and counseling. They will discuss how and why they started their journey to counseling, and why it is beneficial for our emotional and spiritual health.

Faithfully Navigating Life After College

Victoria Liu
What does it look like to follow Jesus after college? For many students, becoming a post-grad and living out the gospel in a completely different environment can be daunting. The “real world” can be difficult to navigate. Victoria Liu will share her narrative about how she uses her God-given gifts, talents, and desires to live out His plan and fine tune her relational and missional priorities.



8pm Main Session
10:30pm Special Session
12am Opportunities Connection


11am Opportunities Connection
2pm Main Session
4:30pm Seminar #1
5:45pm Seminar #2
9pm Main Session 3


7pm Main Session
9:30pm Special Session
11pm Opportunities Connection


10am Opportunities Connection
1pm Main Session
3:30pm Seminar #1
4:45pm Seminar #2
8pm Main Session 3


6pm Main Session
8:30pm Special Session
10pm Opportunities Connection


9am Opportunities Connection
12pm Main Session
2:30pm Seminar #1
3:45pm Seminar #2
7pm Main Session 3


5pm Main Session
7:30pm Special Session
9pm Opportunities Connection


8am Opportunities Connection
11am Main Session
1:30pm Seminar #1
2:45pm Seminar #2
6pm Main Session 3


3pm Main Session
5:30pm Special Session
7pm Opportunities Connection


6am Opportunities Connection
9am Main Session
11:30pm Seminar #1
12:45pm Seminar #2
4pm Main Session 3

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19 - 20 February