Epic Stories

Epic Stories

What is Epic Stories?

Epic Stories is a tool that uses the premise of a scavenger hunt to help create an opportunity to engage in significant stories and spiritual conversation with people we meet.

“You are a story”

Stories exist everywhere.  We enjoy compelling stories when watching movies, sporting events, viewing art exhibits, and listening to music lyrics.  Some stories remind us of joy, love, and hope, while other stories are marked by pain, struggle, and brokenness.

And it’s not surprising, because, as Dr. Dan B. Allender writes in his book To Be Told: “You are a story. You are not merely the possessor and teller of a number of stories; you are a well-written, intentional story…”  Not only do we recognize and experience our purpose and meaning as we share and listen to our stories, but stories allow us to meet, understand, and connect well with others… even with people we don’t know.

So what’s your story?

Download and print out “Epic Stories”, an outreach tool designed by Epic Movement staff Larry Tu, for use at your campus or ministry!

Epic Stories

About printing: "Epic Stories" is better presented on cardstock, if that is accessible to you. If you print at FedEx Kinkos, use their "sandstone" cardstock. When printing, if possible, choose "fit to page"... that should keep the print proportional, and keep it from getting stretched out if the printer tries to over-compensate.