Epic Conference 2013 Highlights


Here is a collection (and this is just a handful) of student testimonies and highlights from all four Epic Conferences; Reclaim, Radiant, Anthology, and Transform. God is moving all across the nation within the students and on their campuses!


741275_186913314783722_374108280_o“Words cannot describe how touched I was to see 300+ students worship our God with passion and zeal.” – Alumni at University of Hawaii Manoa (Radiant)


“God truly was at work during this conference as I’ve seen first hand so many people’s lives He has changed and faiths renewed; both friends and myself. Biggest news of all was that I have decided to change my life and do a Summer Project.” – Student at University of Hawaii Manoa (Radiant)


“I am a person that believes so much in the power of prayer and miracle, but I did not believe that for myself. God totally changed that perspective this past weekend at Epic Conference. Over these years I have been prayed for many times, and never once was I delivered from the bondage I was held under. I started losing hope…God restored and healed my broken soul…the old has gone, and the new has come. I experienced healing and restoration…” – Student at UC Irvine (Radiant)


“One of my highlights was God meeting me in my brokenness and telling me that He loves/recognizes me even when others don’t and that He satisfies my every void/need.” – Student at University of Arizona (Radiant)


774710_10151179555370936_3873959_o“I woke up remembering some things that were mentioned at Anthology, one of those things was making sure that we have a constant and strong prayer life, living according to God’s living water (words) each and every day.” – Student at UT Austin (Anthology)


“4-5 seekers came to Anthology. Today, 2 of these are new sisters in Christ! Yay! At Anthology, they experienced deep conviction of their sin, great Christ centered fellowship through students pursuing them and answers to some of their questions about God’s love for them!” – Epic Staff in Texas (Anthology)


“I am grateful for having attended Epic Reclaim because I heard encouraging truths from the speakers, experienced outreach, and met some really cool people…The conference reminded me that it is not me who has the power to change people’s hearts – it is God and God only.” – Student at University of Oregon (Reclaim)


“I think my biggest takeaway from this weekend is definitely to continually seek Him. Even before the conference, Matthew 6:33 had been coming up repeatedly for me, but after this weekend especially, I’m so awed by His greatness. One of the best quotes this weekend: “The safest place is in God’s heart.” – Student at NYU (Transform)


“My favorite part of the conference besides the speakers and the people I met, is definitely finding out the stats for outreach…I literally look forward to the very last stat they read and that is the number of people who came to Christ that day…I understood at that point what the bible meant by people up in heaven throwing a party for each newly saved life, my heart was ready to jump out of my chest in joy at that moment.” – Student at NYU (Transform)Screen Shot 2013-02-11 at 12.16.59 PM


“As an alumni who is now part of the working world, I think that this EPIC conference impacted me the most out of all the conferences I’ve attended in the past (kind of ironic, huh?). Maybe it’s a different perspective I’ve gained after graduating, because being able to serve the students while also absorbing some of the knowledge myself really got me thinking about what I want to do in my life for the long-term. While I realize that God has placed me in the working world for a reason and He can use me to be a light in my current setting…” – Alumni at Penn State (Transform)


“I thought Epic East Coast Conference was amazing on all levels. For one, it gave me my first experience evangelizing for the first time which I will always remember until the day that I die…Over the weekend, I think God helped to transform us by giving us the opportunity to outreach with people from other EPIC schools, giving us the chance to really bond with one another by sharing our faith as a collective group of two or three people.” – Student at SUNY Buffalo (Transform)


“God has already been working in my heart to apply for STINT after my senior year because He has given me such a huge heart for the world. However, while at the EPIC East Coast Conference He showed me another option, to possibly apply for EPIC STINT and use the Asian-American He has given me…As soon as I got back to Kentucky I had already talked to several of my friends that said they would want to go next year. So I hope to bring five or more students from Kentucky back and let the Mid-south meet the North.” – Student at University of Kentucky (Transform)


775092_10151179560125936_423726157_o“I learned that as Christians we should follow and trust God the same way a soldier would with their commander. When a commander tells their soldier to go somewhere or do something, the soldier responds with “yes sir” and doesnt doubt for a second that the commander could be wrong. They trust their commander’s decisions with their life, the same way we put our full faith in God with our lives.” – Student at Stony Brook University, NY (Transform)