Oikos – Missional Learning Exercise

By Whitney Chen

To download this resource as a pdf, please click here.

This resource will help you to discover who is already in your “Oikos,” and to connect and share the Gospel with those people in natural, intentional, and missional ways.

This exercise can be used in a small group or partner/mentorship study where some trust has been built between participants. Some of the values & objectives in this exercise include: self awareness, a learning posture, and finding ways for you and others to connect with God in a more relevant way.

Step 1
Draw or list your Oikos below. It is helpful to not assume everyone in your Oikos is a Christian.

Step 2
Choose one or two of the people you listed and answer the following questions. When you finish, share with a partner.

  1. What is his/her name(s)?
  2. How do you relate to this person? (how often do you see them? for how long? do you have good conversations, etc.? what do you have in common?)
  3. What do you like about this person? What do you dislike?
  4. What is something you’ve always wanted to know about this person? What’s kept you from asking or knowing that about them?

Step 3
In the box below, draw a CIRCLE around the characteristics of God that resonate with you personally… (share with your partner).

Step 4
Draw a BOX around the characteristics of God you think this person identifies with the most (Share why? Do you think that’s what this person needs to see most? Or do they personify one of those characteristics?)

Looking at the boxed characteristics, what are some tangible things to help them experience these attributes? (i.e. rides to school/dorm, coffee date, encouragement note/phone call)

Which of those things can you do (either alone, with someone, in a group, or refer to someone else like a counselor or pastor)?

If you feel like you cannot do anything, why do you think you cannot? What’s holding you back? Share this with your partner.

With your partner, what do you need to trust God with/pray for? How can you practically help each other?

To download this resource as a pdf, please click here.