Fear And Spiritual Conversations

Part 1: Assumptions About Evangelism

In part 1 of this resource, Steve Hong, Epic Leadership Development Team, shares a Sunday sermon regarding assumptions we make in evangelism, focusing specifically on the Richmond District of San Francisco (which is a primarily Chinese-American district).  Steve shares how especially in an Asian context, we must look at the assumptions we are making when we do evangelism.  In this case, it is understanding that it is not a Western guilt mentality but a predominantly Asian fear mentality that drives Asians.

Discussion Question:

  • Before we understand the fear that others are trying to hide, we must understand our own fears.

a) Identify at least one way you deal with fear,

b) then identify: who are the people or the places we know who live in fear or superstition?

Part 2: Cultivating Spiritual Conversations

In part 2, Steve shares that the message Asian Americans need to hear is one that addresses their fear and suspicions, a message of God’s power that addresses that fear.  Steve also gives guidance on how we can take steps to cultivate spiritual conversations and build trust and relationship with our sphere of influence.

Discussion Question: 

  •  How can you be physically present (available) & earn people’s trust?  How can you be more available to nonbelievers for friendship?