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How can you describe Disneyland to someone who has only been to a playground? How could you possibly describe to them what a roller coaster feels like when they’ve only ridden a rusty slide into the neighborhood cat box? You just can’t!

The best way to give someone a picture of Cru Winter Conference /// Los Angeles, is to show them through your eyes! For that reason, we are looking for artists, filmographers, photographers, bloggers, vloggers, and the like, to tell the story of Cru Winter Conference. We will tell you the rules, but let’s start with the good stuff.


(1) Grand prize winner – $150 amazon gift card*

(2) Runner-ups – $50 gift amazon gift cards*

(2) Honorable Mentions – Cru WC Mugs*

(Everyone else) Eternal Glory*

*All entries have a chance to be featured on our social media and website

Ok, now that you know what’s at stake, here’s what we are asking of you….

Tell your story. From the moment you start your road trip to conference, to the amen of the last session…give us a vision of what conference is. From the laughter of the night life, to the pulse of the dance party, to the steps of faith on the Day of Compassion, let us experience it. From the heights of joy in worship to the depths of soul searching (tears – it’s ok to cry) during the meetings…tell us your story.

And best of all, you could be famous! In the year to come, we want to feature your stories on our website and social media, so students can see what Cru Winter Conference is really about.


  1. Due date: Videos are due by January 31st, 2017.
  2. Time Limit: We are going to make a STRONG suggestion that you keep the video to about 2 minutes. Longer is not always better people! What we do ask is that it is creative, engaging, and draws you in. If you feel like you need more time than that, do what you must! We do reserve the right to edit as needed. If you are feeling like more minutes is what you need, shoot us an email!  
  3. Content: Videos must be “clean”, as in, no illegal activity, or people dressed immodestly (use your best judgment…or if you don’t have some, borrow from a friend!). Also, there are times where the main meetings have “sensitive” information about where Cru is in closed countries, etc. Just be aware of that!
  4. Music: Music on video must not be copyrighted. As much as we want to hear Bieber in the background to your experience, we don’t have the “rights” to broadcast that with Cru. Therefore, you must use music that is your own, or royalty free. Check out sites like the Free Music Archive, Youtube’s Audio Library, or any others you find!
  5. Send: Videos must be uploaded to youtube or vimeo and link shared with the Cru Winter Conference /// Los Angeles facebook page in a private message. Please make the video downloadable!

That’s it! The rules are simple and the possibilities are endless! Shows us what you got and tell us your story. Let your creativity, vision, and personality drive your story.

We can’t wait to hear from you all!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me!

Andrew Burger
Cru Winter Conference /// Los Angeles
Marketing Team