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A Recipe for Hope | Do

Nathan Seta wasn’t a business man, he didn’t know what a commissary kitchen was, and yet today he’s in the business of owning a cause based commissary kitchen, catering company and coffee house. His social venture served up a whole plateful of challenges that made him tap into his creative core and problem solving skills. […]

Who's your +1?

  +1. Do you love to see that on an invitation or does it make you nervous, or both? When you see it, you know that you have some potentially awkward asking to do as you invite someone to join you at your cousin’s wedding, or a fund-raiser, or a doctor’s visit, or whatever. In […]

Summer Champ | Solomiya Sacrifice at SaMoSuMi

Aug, 2016 | By Solomiya Ilnitsky | Cru Student Sacramento State Before Santa Monica Summer Mission–lovingly nicknamed SaMoSuMi–  I had a deep longing to be part of a community who desired to deepen their understanding of God and what it truly means to be a follower of Christ. The last two years, I was fortunate […]

Double Dog Dare

by Neil Downey We had previously suffered and been insulted in Philippi, as you know, but with the help of our God we dared to tell you his gospel in spite of strong opposition. (1 Thessalonians 2:2) What makes people do dangerous things? Sometimes it’s the adrenaline rush that accompanies cheating death. For others, maybe […]

Rockwood Knocks

Interview with Matt McComas For the last several years, students from Cru Winter Conference /// Portland have visited Rockwood, on the east side of the city, as part of their Day of Outreach.  While only a short train ride away, it’s miles away from what more college students experience in their daily lives. In the […]

Nissi's Story

I am from an elementary school where memorizing Bible verses was part of the curriculum I am from Thursday nights in Embarcadero Hall, and worship nights at Storke Tower I am from doing homework on the beach next to my dorm I am from learning to use my talents for the glory of God and […]

From Denver

I am from mountain’s majesty I am from wheat-filled plains I am from the Denver skyline, one story among many, one heard among the few   I am from the quiet and the searching, from the left behind and the unheard I am from the gentle whisper which tells me that–I am loved. I am […]

Portland / the Northwest Corner

I am from a place where God found me in the crowds I am from a town that is connected to everything but is bypassed by everyone I am from a group that mocked God when we ourselves were laughable I am from discovering God’s love through his kingdom, his people, and his grace I […]

In Dallas | Kathia

I am from a minority culture that was hard to embrace I am from constant transitions and expectations I couldn’t meet I am from curiosity and a desire to dive into the depth of the gospel I am from a community that says you’re family whether you like it or not I am from family […]

Rep-ing Greensboro | I am from

I am from a private school where memorizing Bible verses was the definition of Christianity. I am from Thursday night worships in Benwood Auditorium I am from learning to rest in who God is so I can be confident in who I am I am from sharing my faith boldly because of an 11 week […]