Rest Assured

Making Good on Your Pledge Going, giving, doing, saying… sometimes it can feel like our relationship with God is dependent on being good at those things. 1John 5:11-13 tells another story: “And this is the testimony: God has given us eternal life, and this life is in his Son. He who has the Son has […]

The Difficulty of Giving

  As the second oldest in a family of seven, I have a great deal of experience giving. I’m not proud to say, it was often against my will; cheeks flushed, teeth clenched, eyes filling up with water. The act of giving still, to this day, produces a juvenile “Do I haveee tooo?” type resistance […]

An Irrational Act?

  An Irrational Financial Act Forbes may seem an unlikely place for an article about tithing, but there it was. Under the headline, “Irrational Act,” was an article about a man who earned a high income but could never save any of it. Raised in a strict church that demanded payment of the tithe just […]


  God is enormously generous. He gives us sunlight and rain, he shares his love with us, he provides for us, and he sent his son to die for broken humanity. He has given us so much, and he continues to give to us day in and day out. Like God Generosity will characterize our […]

Not Having All the Answers About Faith

We’re often afraid that someone will ask us a tough question that we don’t have the answer to, and that we will either look foolish or poorly represent Christianity. There are three important things you should know if this is a hang-up for you: It’s IMPOSSIBLE TO have all the answers: No matter how much […]

From Fear to Faith Inch by Inch

“Can I trust you God?” I find myself asking this question everyday. I may not be aware of the exact wording, but this question follows the big decisions and challenges of life, and rightly it should. No matter how large or small my struggles are it’s important that I keep my fretting eyes on Jesus. […]

Will you say what God wants you to say?

  Words are powerful. They seem so small, so insignificant, and yet the words people say often stick with us. An off-handed compliment can be a light for someone in a dark place. A sharp critique may fester insecurities and self-defeat. We can learn to speak like Jesus. Maybe he will ask us to speak […]

Hearing God's Voice

  Does God really speak to us today in an intelligible voice? A Brilliant Plan During my first ten days of college, my roommate and I conceived a brilliant plan: Get drunk every night! On the tenth night of this escapade, I went up to my room and sat on my bed. While there, a […]

A Recipe for Hope | Do

Nathan Seta wasn’t a business man, he didn’t know what a commissary kitchen was, and yet today he’s in the business of owning a cause based commissary kitchen, catering company and coffee house. His social venture served up a whole plateful of challenges that made him tap into his creative core and problem solving skills. […]

Demonstrating the Gospel

  God passionately loves “the least of these” and calls us, as fully devoted followers of Christ, to do the same. There are over 2000 references in Scripture where God calls his people to divide their bread with the hungry, cover the naked, preach good news to the poor, help the helpless, be a father […]