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Demonstrating the Gospel

  God passionately loves “the least of these” and calls us, as fully devoted followers of Christ, to do the same. There are over 2000 references in Scripture where God calls his people to divide their bread with the hungry, cover the naked, preach good news to the poor, help the helpless, be a father […]

Sandra's Road Trip Playlist

Have you ever been on a road trip where you didn’t feel like you had bonded with those you were smooshed into a car with for several hours? Who doesn’t love a good road trip –McDonald’s breakfasts, bathroom stops, selfie pic stops, and cars full of dudes singing T-Swift at the top of their lungs. […]

Ten signs you need a break from break

1. You’ve Binge watched an entire season on Netflix in ONE day Admit it. You’ve done it. There is no shame. 2. You’ve Eaten all of the food in your pantry Again, no shame. We’ve all been there. 3. You Cleaned your room You’ve gotten so bored that even cleaning is fun. 4. You Hung out […]

Top Ten #2: Things Every College Student Misses Right Now

1. Friends All of those friends you have from school are no longer next to you. Some of them might even be in different states instead of down the hall or across campus. Long distance relationships are hard, even if it’s just a month. 2. Light Night Food Runs Unfortunately, you are no longer in […]

Top Ten #1: Things to Look Forward to at Home

  1. Free Laundry No more quarters or lines at the washing machine. No more having to walk across campus in the rain and snow to get your laundry done. At home, laundry is easily accessible in within the walls you live in and if you’re lucky, your mom may even do your laundry for […]

The Spiritual Consequences of Selfie Culture

Article by Kristen O’Neal As someone who’s cycled through Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, email and back again in the time it’s taken me to write this article, I’m no stranger to the pull of social media. We’ve heard time and time again that selfies are selfish, and that social media is anti-social. Young adults are as […]

A Commercial Break–Study Break

Seven Commercials Worth A Study Break If you’re anything like me, you think commercials just get in the way of watching Andy Samberg run around catching bad guys on Brooklyn 99. Sometimes though, in the midst of all the boring and repetitive advertisements you find commercial gold. The following are commercials worth watching. Some are […]

After the Hit

reposted from Brian Smith, September, 2016 The nation seemed to let out a collective sigh of relief last weekend. Football was back. After months of predictions, polls, and talking heads, we were treated to actual football games. Twelve. Straight. Hours. As a campus minister at the University of Wisconsin, I eagerly awaited the showdown with […]

Seven Songs for a Music Pick-Me- Up

Review by Jessica Varner, October 28, 2016 7 Happy Songs You don’t have to be falling madly in love or experiencing devastating heartbreak to relate to these songs. I love music and often find myself singing along to popular songs, but when I stop and really listen to the lyrics I often find that I don’t […]