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True Love In A Pornified World

Resources and articles on the topic of sexual sin, emotional health, and how healing can be experienced through Christ and a healthy community.

Not Having All the Answers About Faith

We’re often afraid that someone will ask us a tough question that we don’t have the answer to, and that we will either look foolish or poorly represent Christianity. There are three important things you should know if this is a hang-up for you: It’s IMPOSSIBLE TO have all the answers: No matter how much […]

Hearing God's Voice

  Does God really speak to us today in an intelligible voice? A Brilliant Plan During my first ten days of college, my roommate and I conceived a brilliant plan: Get drunk every night! On the tenth night of this escapade, I went up to my room and sat on my bed. While there, a […]

A Recipe for Hope | Do

Nathan Seta wasn’t a business man, he didn’t know what a commissary kitchen was, and yet today he’s in the business of owning a cause based commissary kitchen, catering company and coffee house. His social venture served up a whole plateful of challenges that made him tap into his creative core and problem solving skills. […]


  When we say to Jesus, “My life is yours,” we can expect things to be different. When our dreams, our plans, our ideas are infused with Jesus, they become HIS dreams, HIS plans, and HIS ideas. Through the power of the Spirit and by applying the truths of Scripture, we find freedom and contentment […]

Leaving the Lions for the "Safe House" | Go

by Sarah Dean Going with Lions Almost two months ago “we” gathered in cities across the country to consider how we might take our next step with God in going, doing, saying, or giving. What are  we talking about when we say the word “go”? Does that mean I have to get a passport and […]

God is Calling. So are your parents?!?

  So, you’ve made this commitment to God to go, do, say and give as He leads. What happens if what God calls you to do isn’t what your parents imagined or expected? Honoring Parents When the Bible clearly teaches that we are to both honor and obey our parents, it’s hard to justify going […]

Living a Surrendered Life

It’s no small things to surrender your life. It feels even bigger when we take seriously the call on our whole lives – including all the days to come. We just aren’t used to giving up control of where we go, what we do, what we say and what we give away. When you first came […]

Will you GO where God wants you to GO?

Will you GO where God wants? I will… GO where you want me to GO. What does it look like to GO anywhere God wants us to go? For some it means going next door to your neighbor and for others it means packing up everything and moving across the world. We’ve been given unique […]

Being Family

We dove into some deep and significant topics at Cru Winter Conference /// Dallas in 2017!  Throughout the week we explored the worthiness of God and what it means to live a live worthy of the gospel.   Rasool Berry led us to see one another as Worthy of Honor and learn to Be Family. […]