Top Ten #2: Things Every College Student Misses Right Now


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1. Friends

All of those friends you have from school are no longer next to you. Some of them might even be in different states instead of down the hall or across campus. Long distance relationships are hard, even if it’s just a month.

2. Light Night Food Runs

Unfortunately, you are no longer in that college town you spend your time in. The restaurants around you are open according to “normal” eating schedules. Sadly, you can no longer grab pizza at 3:00AM. A regular eating schedule has never been so hard.

3. Movie Nights

Your friends live far away from you, and you’re back in a house with parents who go to bed at ten. You can’t have an endless movie marathon in these conditions. I’m sorry.

4. Being Responsible for Just Yourself

You’re back at home with other people to deal with. The semester, where your only worries were homework and food, is over for now. Wait, I have to walk the dog? Shovel the driveway? I didn’t sign up for this.

5. Free Events

Outside of college, free events are hard to come by. Though we pay for the privilege, events with free food are the core of our existence as college students. These events  don’t exist at home, aside from maybe your family’s fridge.

6. Consistent Schedule

The college routine that you worked so hard to develop, is gone. Now, you must yield to your parents’ will and go where they tell you, when they tell you. Thanks mom and dad.

7. Dining Halls

If you’re lucky, your parents cook for you now. If you’re not so lucky, you have to fend for yourself. Either way, you’ve lost the glory of an endless buffet-style dining hall, and all the pizza and mozarella sticks you could want with the swipe of a card.

8. Coffee Shops

Your favorite coffee shop from school won’t follow you home. At home, the coffee shops around you are run by normal people and close promptly at 8 pm. What is this?

9. Going Where You Want When You Want

Again, your schedule is no longer of your own creation. You instead have to listen to your parents and actually tell them where you’re going. Even worse, you may re-adopt that high school curfew.

10. Being Surrounded by People Your Own Age

At college, you are constantly surrounded by people who are your own age, going through the same thing, and relate to your struggles. The people in your life right now just don’t get it. Since when did everyone become so old?


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