Seven Songs for a Music Pick-Me- Up


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Review by Jessica Varner, October 28, 2016

7 Happy Songs

You don’t have to be falling madly in love or experiencing devastating heartbreak to relate to these songs. I love music and often find myself singing along to popular songs, but when I stop and really listen to the lyrics I often find that I don’t quite agree with the message. So I’ve compiled this list of refreshing songs. And an added bonus, everyone keeps their clothes on in these songs! So sit back and enjoy some music about going after yours dreams and becoming a better person.

1. Hold on Tight by Greg Holden

DP- “Hold On Tight” [Official Video] – Greg Holden from Mego Lin on Vimeo.

2. Masterpiece by Andy Grammer

My favorite part of this song is the chorus;

One, you get one heartbeat, some take it seriously

This is your masterpiece, don’t forget to dream

And taste the colors in the air you breathe

It’s your masterpiece, go ahead and feel it all

Don’t stop till it is beautiful”


3. Work This Body by Walk the Moon

This song is about relentlessly going after your dreams. The video is a lot of fun, but I’d highly recommend their Live at The Greek version on Spotify.


4. I’m Good by The Mowgli’s

I love the lyrical video for this song.



5. Hard Love by Need to Breathe


6. Up&Up by Coldplay

Not only does this song have a positive message, but the music video is incredibly creative and interesting.


7. Into the Wild by Connell Cruise

Another fun lyrical video with a positive message.



Jessica lives in Colorado. She loves any reason to travel, hang out with friends, be creative, eat ice cream, or watch Bollywood movies. She serves on staff with Cru in the Great Plains Regional HQs, attends CruWC Denver, and…. listens to great music, of course….You can expect to see more of her favorites.



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