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Seven Commercials Worth A Study Break

If you’re anything like me, you think commercials just get in the way of watching Andy Samberg run around catching bad guys on Brooklyn 99. Sometimes though, in the midst of all the boring and repetitive advertisements you find commercial gold. The following are commercials worth watching. Some are humorous and some inspire, either way I hope you enjoy!


1. Jim Gafigan “Dad brand” : Here

2. Cookie Monster Makes Cookies: Here

3. Heinz Ketchup


4. Barbie- You Can Be anything : Here


5. UPS Driver for a Day: Here


The first few were cute and funny….the next few are a little more inspirational.


6. Dove- Composite Sketches: Here


7. Always- Like a Girl: Here


What do commercials have to do with Cru Winter Conference? Well, that is a very fair question. On a low lying level, we are a community with a sense of humor and we want to have  fun. On a deeper level, as we cultivate our world like a garden, we create culture. Whether you are cultivating a Kombucha fungus in a jar (eeew, gross!) or your taste in music, gaming, fashion, food, sports….we want to hear it as it relates to how we explore life with God, how we relate  to each other and those beyond us, and life with greater purpose. If you want to share, you can do so,  here.