1. You’ve Binge watched an entire season on Netflix in ONE day

Admit it. You’ve done it. There is no shame.

2. You’ve Eaten all of the food in your pantry

Again, no shame. We’ve all been there.

3. You Cleaned your room

You’ve gotten so bored that even cleaning is fun.

4. You Hung out with those same high school friends

High school friends are great. However, hanging out with the same three people every day can get pretty boring.

5. You can’t remember the last time you showered.

Who needs clean hair when you don’t leave the house?

6. You’ve attended one too many family events

It’s pretty great, for a while. Until you’re tired of explaining you don’t know what you’re doing with your life, and yes you’re still single.

7. You binge watched an entire series on Netflix

You know it’s getting bad when you are able to not only finish an entire season, but finish an entire series. Time to kick that post-series depression to the curb and get into a new series on Netflix.

8. Eaten all of the food in your whole house

At this point, you’re eating doesn’t have an excuse of “it’s exam week.” Now it’s just because you are bored.

9. You cleaned the whole house

This wasn’t your idea. Cleaning your room may have been your choice. Cleaning the whole house, however, was not. Your mother has taken advantage of your boredom.

10. You’ve actually scrolled to the end of your Facebook, news feed

You miss your friends and that’s okay. You’ve tried to emulate being with them by obsessing over their posts. It’s just not the same. #FOMO


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