Top Ten #1: Things to Look Forward to at Home


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1. Free Laundry

No more quarters or lines at the washing machine. No more having to walk across campus in the rain and snow to get your laundry done. At home, laundry is easily accessible in within the walls you live in and if you’re lucky, your mom may even do your laundry for you.

2. Sleeping

If you had an 8:00AM class this past semester, I’m sorry. Luckily at home, you are able to sleep in past then. That is, unless you’re one of the unfortunate ones who have parents that will wake you up even earlier than you wake up at school to wash clean the house or run errands. You’ll ask yourself, who did this when I was gone?

3. Your Room

Finally, you can sleep in your old bed and be alone in your own room. If your room is still your room. Your parents may have converted it into an office or a workout room while you were gone.

4. Netflix

You can finally binge watch that last season of Gilmore Girls you’ve been looking forward to since classes began. Instead of hanging out with friends at school, you can hang out with all of those friends on Netflix you’ve missed.

5. Driving Your Car

You will have that freedom back, kind of. You of course have to let your parents know where you are going, who you are going with, and what you will be doing. Not to mention you also have to pay for the gas you and your friends will be using since not everything is within walking distance like it is at school.

6. No More Ramen

Going home means access to a kitchen that consists of the tools you require to make food other than Ramen noodles. Your mom might even cook for you.

7. Curfew

That curfew you had in high school unfortunately hasn’t gone away. Your parents are going to want to know exactly what time you will be home each night.

8. Being Alone

If you’re an introvert, this is a great thing. If you’re an extrovert, not so much. There are some great aspects of having some time to yourself, but you will soon miss all of those friends on campus and constantly being surrounded by people your own age, who totally get you what you’re going through.

9. Free Food

The food you eat at home will most likely be paid for by your parents. The unfortunate thing is you don’t have that buffet or food court style food you’re used to. You will also have to either help make it, or eat whatever you’re given.

10. Answering the Same Questions Over and Over Again

Every family event will consist of an array of questions that you will nearly have memorized by the end of break. Do you have a girlfriend or boyfriend? What are you planning to do with that major? How were exams?

FOMO: Luckily, there is a simple way to escape these things you will be experiencing while at home. A five day escape to go hang out with your peers, learn about Jesus, and leave home. Catch the FOMO!