Will you GO where God wants you to GO?


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Will you GO where God wants?

I will…
GO where you want me to GO.

What does it look like to GO anywhere God wants us to go? For some it means going next door to your neighbor and for others it means packing up everything and moving across the world. We’ve been given unique desires, passions and experiences that will shape what it looks like for us to follow Jesus where he wants to take us.

Maybe there is a certain cause that ignites something in your heart. Maybe there is a city or country that is calling your name. Or maybe there is a certain group of people within whom you can make a real difference.

You don’t have to have it all figured out today – God might want you to go to one place now and a different place later – what really matters is your willingness to go where he leads you.

Think about whether or not you’re ready to GO.

  • What does that look like?
  • Where might be Jesus leading you to go?
  • What might prevent you from going?

Take some time to journal your thoughts, and ask God where He might be leading you.

What does it look like to GO?