Six Reasons to Go to Winter Conference


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1. #Gainz.

There is a gym at the hotel. You won’t use it. But doesn’t the idea of it already make you feel better about that food baby you’re growing from Christmas? Instead of upping your squat game, feel free to get hyped on all the funtivities we have planned.  

2. You made a promise to the “new you”.

Let’s be honest. You failed at last year’s resolution of reading the whole Bible. It’s ok to fail. Renew your vision with an easier to keep promise. Go to Cru Winter Conference. We can’t be any more upfront about our bias towards you going.   


3. Chris Pratt might be attending.

Probably not. Technically he’s not in college. And technically he’s not invited. But he MIGHT be there. Kylo Ren from Star Wars might be there too! Technically, there’s an infinite number of celebrities that might be there. We’re not saying you won’t see a celebrity…but were not, not saying you won’t see a celebrity. We really can’t be any more clear than this.    

4. Your face will get melted.

Don’t worry. We mean this in the best way possible. You will love the speakers we have for the weekend, Propaganda will be sure to blow it up, our seminars will be amazing, and of course, worshipping God with over a thousand college students doesn’t hurt the cause.

5. We have no shame.

Please come. We ain’t too proud to beg. Would you join us? There’s no better way to spend your weekend than being immersed in God’s Word, with God’s people, worshipping God. Did we mention God is going to be there? You’ve been warned.  

6. God is going.

Well technically He is already there. Or is it, that He is everywhere? Or was it both? Either way you spin it, God is gonna show up. Big. As per usual.