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Nathan Seta wasn’t a business man, he didn’t know what a commissary kitchen was, and yet today he’s in the business of owning a cause based commissary kitchen, catering company and coffee house. His social venture served up a whole plateful of challenges that made him tap into his creative core and problem solving skills.

Nathan had a vision to make impact and designed DUO58 non-profit from day one to give back and make a difference on a global scale. And while things rarely turn out as the initial idea suggests, his desire to make a global impact has also brought Nathan into the realm of local community building and service as well.

DUO 58 partners with Mission of Hope in Haiti to provide one day of education and one meal for a child in Haiti for every meal purchased through DOU58 catering services and the cafe. In addition, DUO58 also gives back through it’s jobs program in the cafe, which provides life and job skills to those who have trouble finding or maintaining work.

You can find them at Duo58.org.

God doesn’t call us all to the same next step. Even as we all go,  do, say, and give, we do so uniquely.