The Significance of Being Lost


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James White video clip

I’m lost could mean, “I know where I am, just not how to get where I’m going.” Or it could mean, “I don’t even know where I am”.

“Lost” is also one of those terms often thrown around in church settings. Where does this concept come from? James White sheds light on the idea of lostness using one powerful Bible story in a way that connects whether you are just meeting Jesus or have known Him for years….

There is a lot to take in there. How do you think James is explaining the concept of being “lost”?

Here are a few questions for considering:

  • What strikes you about the father’s response to his runaway son?
  • Have you ever experienced rejection and humiliation? What insight does that give you to the strength of the father’s love?
  • In what ways do you try to earn honor from God? How does this story shed light on how ridiculous that is?