The First University Shooting


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Hey! Did you hear about the new documentary relevant to students at any university.  It’s called Tower.

On August 1, 1966, the city of Austin experienced our country’s first, mass school shooting .  For 96 long minutes, the University of Texas froze as a sniper aimed his Remington 700 at his fellow Longhorns. Before he was caught, the sniper fatally shot 16 people and wounded 32 others. Tower is a documentary that tells the story  of how  “the worst in one man, brought out the best in many”. Already, the documentary has been called as a must see. Take a peak at the trailer…

Tower premiered at the SXSW Film Festival and was awarded the Grand Jury Prize Best Documentary, the Lone Star Award and the Audience Award. Most documentaries rarely receive distribution packages.  However, you can see Tower! It has a wonderful distribution plan which includes a theatrical release in October, an educational outreach on college campuses, and a national television premiere on PBS in early 2017. Find a showing in your area or learn more about the documentary at


Violence is a broken part of our world…and unfortunately it is not an uncommon experience to university life whether a mass shooting, a  sexual  assault, or a bar brawl, or even just the violence of abusive words.  How will we respond to the brokenness around us?

Dr. Dallas Willard a philosophy professor at the University of Southern California and Christian, poses several questions worth asking ourselves about our most basic assumptions in life. Check them out here.


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