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This summer God has really been laying it on my heart to learn how to make Him the priority in my life. Having grown up in the church, the concept of making God priority was hard for me to grasp considering He was all I ever knew. I was always surrounded by Christian people and was very involved in my church, so I believed that meant He was priority.  It was not until my second year in Cru, that God began to reveal where my true priorities lie and my laziness in not wanting to do anything to change them.

In the spring, I was not feeling called to apply for a summer mission or to continue my work as a sunday school teacher for preschoolers.  For a moment I thought it was because I was choosing to be selfish and be ignorant of the changes He was asking me to make in my life. It was not until my leader asked a couple of us to lead a summer connect hub for Cru that I understood that God had not lost hope in me, but rather had a plans to use me locally at home.

Not only did God open up the opportunity to help lead my local, summer “hub” for Cru, God also pushed me to be a girls leader at Jr. High camp. Little did I know that by accepting that offer, I was going to develop a heart for those Jr. High girls and would sign on to be a leader in my church youth group.  What I have learned so far is that God had a plan to make some changes in my relationship with Him this summer. In order for me to learn how to make God priority in my life, He made Himself priority in my summer plans and I am so grateful for it!


About Our Summer Champion series: We want to highlight your stories–not only the heroes we admire and applaud from a distance, but also those within our own Cru Winter Conference community. 

We–the Cru community–tell these stories because sometimes as champions, we feel like a failure. We tell these stories because good in our own lives, and in others, doesn’t just happen. We attribute goodness in our lives to the work of God, along with some sweat and tears. 

Come with us as we celebrate the success, failures, fears, and tears..rhyme unintentional of our summer champions. And, consider also, coming with us to Cru Winter Conference LA. Join our community of “everyday champions”.