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I am from a place where God found me in the crowds

I am from a town that is connected to everything but is bypassed by everyone

I am from a group that mocked God when we ourselves were laughable

I am from discovering God’s love through his kingdom, his people, and his grace

I am from midnight adventures and beautiful sunrises

I am from no sleep weekdays, small group Tuesday, and worship of God’s presence

I am from hating my sins and finding forgiveness within Him

I am from a plan bigger than myself, bigger than this world

I am from being a part of God’s greatest plan.
Brando Contreras-Ortiz, University of Washington

The “I am from” series highlights students in Cru Winter Conference community that attend one of each of the city gatherings. Though many of our experiences and values are unique, we also share a drive for something greater in life. We are exploring life–our relationships, careers, interests– with a sense of purpose rooted in a relationship with God. We invite you to join us! You can share your story with us  by writing your own  “I am  from” poem and submitting it here. Also, join us at the Winter Conference near your university!