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I am from an elementary school where memorizing Bible verses was part of the curriculum

I am from Thursday nights in Embarcadero Hall, and worship nights at Storke Tower

I am from doing homework on the beach next to my dorm

I am from learning to use my talents for the glory of God and not myself

I am from sharing the Gospel on campus with my mentor for the first time

I am from a Savior who has planned my life with things that are even greater than what I could ever think of



-Nissi Vasa, University of California Santa Barbara


“I am from” series highlights students in Cru Winter Conference community locally and nationally. Though many of our experiences and values are unique, we also share a drive to leave a powerful legacy. We are exploring life with a sense of purpose rooted in a relationship with God. We invite you to join us! You can share your story with us  by writing your own  “I am  from” poem and submitting it here. Join us at Cru Winter Conference!