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How many selfies do we post or see on our timelines and feeds? Our generation has become known as the “me” generation. What if we don’t want to be labelled as that anymore?

We have the opportunity to change what #selfie culture is all about. We can go from #selfie to #selfless.

God invites us to be a part of something greater than ourselves and to worship Someone more powerful than ourselves. Cru Winter Conference is inviting students to be a part of something greater than our selfies.

So how could you live life greater than your selfie?

I LOVE my morning coffee, yes, love is the word I’m using. Coffee isn’t bad, I’m not going to stop drinking it, and yes, I am addicted to it. I’m also addicted to water, loosely speaking. We can’t live without water. Running water makes so much in my life easier and simpler. There are many people in the world without accessible clean water. We want to leave a mark greater than ourselves, what if that doesn’t mean some huge heroic act. What if we just take one small step today. and then consider another, maybe different small step tomorrow.

From October 22nd through 26th, we are inviting students–you– to be part of something greater with us by “donating a latte.” Instead of buying a latte, join us in giving towards the water  needs of an entire village through Charity: Water.  Every penny of your donation will go to supporting clean drinking water for people in need. Then, of course, invite your friends—post a picture on social media with an empty coffee cup to show others how they can also contribute to something beyond themselves.

Finally, from October 27th through 31st, we invite you to take a selfie, but not your average, hashtag basic selfie. You won’t be the focus of the picture. Cover your face, turn away… be creative. In the caption explain something important to you that is greater than yourself….if that is your family, another charity, or maybe your relationship with God.

For Cru WC, God has changed us. His love enables us to live beyond our selves. We want to take the spotlight off of us and shine it on God, His glory and what He has done in our lives. We want to look at the one who is greater than our selfies.


Greater than my selfie is a short series in which we are considering the kind of impact we leave on our world. How can we leave a mark on our communities greater than a string of selfie’s (or the seemingly casual photos that your friend spent 20 minutes taking so you could have a post-worthy picture)? We aren’t only considering our impact. We are going to make one, by taking action. Just a small step. And, don’t worry. We aren’t doing away with social media, technology, or even posed pictures and selfies. Stay tuned over the next two weeks and join us in considering life greater than ourselves and acting in that direction…