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by Janell Carter, 10/27/2016

Have you ever had friend who champions you to others? You know, those friendships in which you take turns bragging not on yourself, but about each other. It raises the energy in the room. They are great aren’t they?! As we conclude Great Than My Selfie, we are talking about wanting to BE one of those friends. We want to be people who live beyond ourselves.

What is more important in life than our own immediate comfort and needs? Or who? It can be a tough question. What do you champion? …causes, needs, opportunities, relationships, friends or family? We would love for you to share that with us!!

You can do so HERE.

On a daily basis, we generally think a lot about a few things….maybe work or class, food, what we wear, what kind of workout we will get in, or how we beat our friend gaming, friends and family, and of course…hipster coffee.

What if we ranked those by percentage of time spent thinking about them? yikes.

Two thoughts along these lines.

First, God knows that we spend a lot of time thinking about these things. He invites us to more.

When I was in college, I spent a high percentage of my time thinking about my diet and exercise. One day, I realized that I wanted my life to be more than the sum of all my thoughts on my diet and my exercise habits. Those things are good, they can be fun to talk about, but I didn’t want the end of my life to be about those things.

That leads me to the second thought. I discovered that:

Secondly, God IS the more He invites us to.

Learning about God’s love freed me to begin thinkig about other parts of life and other people. I learned that He cared more about me than He cared about what I looked like or what others thought of. Through a relationship with a mentor in Cru, I explored life beyond my image management through diet and exercise. I learned more about the character of God and His love for me.

There is a snippet of my story, steps in my spiritual journey. What does it look like for you to live life  Greater Than Your Self? Share your story with us…..

Cru WC wants to be a place where we can explore life beyond ourselves, life with God. We would love for you to join us as we each take a next step in our own individual, spiritual journeys with God.