9 Cities /// 1 Movement


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We know, some of you heard that your conference is no more.

….Something better is coming…

We are  9 Cities /// 1 Movement . 

From the frat-astic in Greensboro….to the outdoorsmen of Denver….to the hipsters of LA….

Oh, you don’t fit in one of those categories? That’s ok, because we are all pretty….well, “different”.

We, Cru Winter Conference, are choosing to be about one thing together–  taking a next step in our spiritual lives.


Maybe you have a specific area of your life you want to see change.

Maybe, you want to learn more about God, and following Jesus.

Maybe, you have questions and you aren’t sure what you believe.

Maybe, you just want to make some quality friends.


We are about all of those things: Winter Conference is a time to dig in spiritually together listening to speakers, music, and discussing what we learn.


We are taking the next step….

No, not like that. More like….


Because we believe there’s more to life than– the party you went to last night….the internship you want to get next summer…or even that boy or girl who doesn’t even know you exist in class today…


We are taking the next steps in:

Life with God | Life together | Life with purpose.


Cru Winter Conference—coming to a city near you.

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